Functional Movement Taping

Over this past weekend I was at Duke Medical Rehab Center.


Because I want to be the best doctor that I can for all of YOU.

With that in mind my mission is to figure out the “why’s”.  Why does your SI always get locked up? Why do you have knee pain? Why does your right low back always feel tight? Why is your neck so tight?

As your doctor I feel that if I can figure out “why” you are in pain, then I will be able to get you out of pain for a longer period of time! I treat each and every one of my patients like my family, and that means I have a real passion to aspire to help you in any way that I can.

Figuring out “what” you have is not hard but figuring out “why” you have the problem in the first place is another story.

This is what I feel separates me from other physicians…

At Duke Medical Rehab Center this past weekend I attended a seminar called Functional Movement Taping (FMT) or RockTape.

I already have a taping certification with Kinesiotaping but RockTape, in particular doesn’t just tape for pain but it also tapes for movement.  What I learned this weekend was mind-blowing and re-lit my passion to help people move better to get out of pain.

RockTape is very unique; it is applied directly to the skin and has no chemicals or medications in it. It can stay on anywhere from 3 to 5 days and can get wet. The tape helps your body communicate better with itself and helps lock in what I do with you in the office! It serves as an extra pair of hands in between visits from when I see you.

Most people wonder what it is and what it does… If you see someone with tape on his or her arms wouldn’t you wonder what it is?

There are two primary reasons to why someone will have the tape on.

One reason is they might be dealing with an injury and another reason is the tape actually helps them move better.

The tape provides feedback to your brain and helps improve neurological function. The tape has also been proven through research to make athletes stronger, faster, and more efficient…(ask me for the research if you would like to see it).

There are other tapes out there, yes. But as in everything… its HOW you use it or HOW you apply it.

When I use the tape I am not just taping painful areas or specific muscles. Instead I am taping fascia and movement. This allows your body to perform with maximum effort and stimulates the nervous system.

Who can use it?

Anyone can benefit.

It helps with aches, pains, swelling, injuries and athletes who are looking for an edge on the competition. The tape can also be applied to help pregnant women! It works unbelievably well.

If you have any questions about the tape or think you would be a perfect candidate to try the tape feel free to email me or call the office! or (919) 249-6461.

Looking forward to helping more people live pain free lives!